Why do I need a website?
According to a TMP Directional Marketing Survey, the internet is how a majority of customers seek local information. 61% of customers use the internet as opposed to only 30% using their printed yellow pages (or equivalent) directory. Once a potential customer finds your website you need to earn their trust and a professionally designed website is the most important first step in that process.

What is the advantage of using a small web design company?
At Minnow Web Design we combine affordable prices and a personal touch to create a professional website. Owner and Designer, Paul Pennel, uses his years of web design experience to personally make sure all of his customers satisfied with the finished product. If you have any questions or concerns about your website, Paul, will return your message within one business day.

How much say do I have on the design of my site?
You have full control of the content of your website. You will be able to select the colors and the layout of your website. You can choose from a variety of layouts or have a custom layout created for you.

What if I need to make a change to the website after it is completed?
As part of our Basic Hosting Plan we include one hour per month of maintenance. Rates for additional time can be negotiated.

Will I own my website after it is created?
Yes, you will own 100% of the content, look and feel of the website. Minnow Web Design can then be responsible for the hosting and maintence of your website. Or you are free to move your website to another hosting company of your choice.

What is internet hosting and why do I need it?
Every website that you view resides on a server. A server is a specialized computer that delivers web pages to browsers. Finding a web hosting company and transferring your files to their server can be expensive, time consuming and complicated. We offer to take care of it for you in our Basic Hosting Plan.

What is domain registration?
When you go to a URL, like www.minnowwebdesign.com, the URL must be registered for your browser to be able to find the website. It costs anywhere from $10-20/year and requires some knowledge and effort to set-up. For your convenience, it is part of our Basic Hosting Plan.

Why do I care about browser compatibility?
Although there is a set of standards that all browsers follow, there are several that are not implemented consistently across all browsers. It is important that your website be tested in multiple browsers so your website looks professional for all of your customers.

What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a way to easily see how customers find your website, how many customers visit on a given day, and what pages those customers are most interested in. It gives you both a graphical overall view of your customer traffic, as well as very detailed information.

What is a favorites icon?
A favorites icon is a small image that is shown inside the browser's location bar and bookmark menu when your site is called up. It is a good way to brand your site and increase its prominence in your visitor's bookmark menu.

Why is accessibility important?
Accessibly relates to how people who are sight impaired "see" your website with their computer software. It is important to have your website easy to use for all potential customers.

"There are often changes and new postings for our church site so it's very important for our website to be as current as possible. Minnow is always responsive and prompt in making updates and changes we request. We are completely satisfied with their management of our site."

Kathy Rogers, Program Administrator at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
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