St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church needed to redesign their existing website. There were about 50 pages on their website that were converted to the new look with easier navigation. The website was updated from a flash based website to an html/css based website that made search engine placement much better. The staff loves the calendar application that was added which allows them to update it themselves from an easy-to-use interface from their browser. St. Timothy's Episcopal Church is located in Creve Coeur, Missouri in St. Louis County.

Infertility and Adoption Support, Inc

Infertility and Adoption Support, Inc. needed a website created that would showcase their support services in the St. Louis area. They wanted to highlight their monthly meetings and let visitors to the website know about their resource library which is free for members. Their website is consistently in the top 2-3 entries when you do a Google search on "adoption support St. Louis" or "infertility support St. Louis" thanks to the SEO work on their website.

Three Yellow Roses

Three Yellow Roses wanted a logo that reflected the unique name of the website. The website also needed to give visitors an easy way to be notified of new content so an E-mail subscription and a RSS feed were added. A popular blogging software was used so they could easily write new articles and add them to the website themselves.

Recess Cottage

Recess Cottage wanted a redesign of their current website. They also wanted a logo that was unique to them and could be used on multiple websites that they plan on having. The star logo that I created will maintain the same shape on the new websites but change colors to match the website. The clean design should make it easy for customers to see the cottage and it's ammenities. The new calendar will allow customers to check on availability of dates to rent the cottage.

stl trivia guySt. Louis Trivia Guy wanted a website to showcase his trivia night hosting. The logo was created by another graphic designer and the website design was designed with the logo in mind. The image at the top was meant to be an inviting image of an enjoyable trivia night. There will be a photo gallery added once there are enough pictures from events to have a good gallery.

stl trivia guyDonna's Signs wanted their great signs showcased. Donna's Signs has been in business for over twenty years so they already had branding such as the sign at the top of the website. Minnow Web Design started with what they already had and expanded upon it. The portfolio page is the center of the design and showcases many of the signs created by Donna's Signs over the years.

"In a church with a tradition of reaching out to and welcoming the larger communities we serve, our web-site is critical; Paul Pennel has re-designed our site so that it is now one of the best church web-sites to be experienced.

He is creative, collaborative, collegial. He has a real gift for including a lot of people in the operational side of the site, while still keeping a sharp focus on the overall impact of this good work. His leadership is steady and consistent."

Rev. Jack Fleming-Rector of St.Timothy's Episcopal Church
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