• entrepreneur.com - Great resource for small business, home based business, and other organizations.
  • The Solopreneur's Guide - Perfect source of information for the entrepreneur going into business on their own.

Web Design


  • Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug - Good usability book.
  • The Non-Designer's Design Book : Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice by Williams, Robin - Great book on important layout and typography concepts.
  • Pragmatic Programmer by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas - Great book for developers it helps keep you focused on moving your skillsets forward in a usefull way.

Color and Fonts

  • Colour Lovers - Great source for color palets and templates.
  • Meyer Web - Blends two colors.
  • Worqx - Shows a "picture" with several colors of your choosing.
  • Font Picker - Allows you to see text of your choice in every font loaded to your desktop.
  • Kathy Marks - Good article on several font staples with a short description of each.

Image Repositories

Firefox Plugins

  • Web Developer- Menu of indespensible web developer tools.
  • Firebug- Another indespensible web developer tool.
  • YSlow- Tool to let you know why your page is loading so slow.
  • ColorZilla- Allows you to pick the HTML color value of any item on the current page of your browser, and more.
  • Screengrab- Allows you to get an image of all or part of the current page of your browser.


  • Get Signoff - Allows developer and customer to view designs, and make notes all in one central location.
  • Featured in the National Website Design Directory
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